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Tag Archives: Health Conditions

The Importance of Medical Records in Assisted Living

If you decide to transition to an assisted living facility for ADL assistance, the task of packing and organizing your essential documents takes on paramount importance, with particular attention paid to your medical records. These records represent a vital repository of your health history, comprising information on past diagnoses, treatments, and medications, all of which … Continue reading

Practicing Self-Care to Promote Better Mental Health

Mental health is vital to our overall well-being as well as life quality. Self-care plays an essential role in keeping our mental health and aid in supporting our treatment and recovery if we have a mental disorder or illness. Self-care means we find the time for the things that will aid us in living well … Continue reading

How to Manage High Blood Pressure

If we are not careful with our health and follow unhealthy lifestyle practices, we may develop high blood pressure, otherwise known as hypertension. The harm done to our body resulting from HBD or hypertension happens after some time. If we are not able to detect and manage it, it can lead to health conditions such … Continue reading

Simple Guidelines to Follow in Dementia Care

Senior living comes with various challenges. During this stage, a person experiences health deterioration. Unfortunately, this doesn’t only affect physical health but as well as mental and emotional wellness. Health decline could have a negative impact on seniors’ quality of life. Because most of them experience this, it is crucial for them to prevent their … Continue reading