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Fun Group Activities for Residential Care Home


When planning fun activities for your retirement home company, make sure you take into consideration the personalities and hobbies of your residents. Once in a while, it helps to organize for them fun activities so they can also have fun with their families or with each other. Check out this article for some fun ideas!

  • Name That Tune

    This is an exciting game that can help with Alzheimer’s care. This game helps them think and exercise their brain as they try and remember their past. It’s also exciting knowing that they come from different musical backgrounds.

  • Greeting Card Making

    This activity is fun not just for young kids. For senior living residents, this activity is also a fun way for them to tap into their creative talents. Give them safe, easy-to-use, and simple craft tools so it is easy for them to use.

  • Boardgames

    Boardgames such as monopoly, scrabble, or UNO is fun games that can bring together the residents of your senior placement in Los Angeles, California. Just as you enjoyed it in your youth, they sure did too. In fact, you can even do Friday game nights for fun!

  • Exercise Classes

    Group exercise classes are a fun and healthy way to encourage your residents to stay healthy. Exercising alone can be boring so they may lose the drive to do it. Zumba, basic cardio exercises, and walking are some easy and low-impact exercises they can do together.

Entertaining your residents takes creativity. Make sure you just keep in mind that the activities have to be easy, simple, and most of all fun!

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