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Having a Closer Look at Hospice Care


As per a 2011 research, family members who said that the deceased received hospice care at the appropriate time were less concerned about not knowing the treatment of symptoms, what to expect as the person was dying, and what to do when they passed away. Additionally, they reported having fewer unmet needs for spiritual and emotional assistance before the death of their loved ones.

This is why hospice services are crucial. The dilemma is that many may still have doubts due to a lack of reliable information. Helping seniors and their families live the best possible is at the core of what we do at Care Senior Placement, a premier provider of assisted living in Los Angeles, California. We aim to achieve this not only through our services but also by imparting vital insights.

Hoping to encourage more individuals to consider hospice services, here are frequently asked questions about them:

  • What Is It, Exactly?

    Hospice prioritizes caring over curing and is, in most cases, provided in the patient’s home. It is often covered by Medicare, Medicaid, the majority of commercial insurance plans, HMOs, and other managed care organizations.

  • What Kinds of Services Are Offered?

    Hospice provides pain and symptom management, various therapies, emotional and spiritual care, and basic ADL assistance, among many others.

  • Who Can Receive Hospice Care?

    Hospice care is available to everyone with a life-threatening or terminal disease, with a prognosis of six months or fewer. All hospices treat the patient and family as a single unit of care.

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