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Myths and Facts About Hospice Care

Isn’t it true how we are often apprehensive about something because of what we’ve heard about it? While this is acceptable to some extent, we should be more meticulous about what we choose to believe in, particularly when it comes to health services such as hospice care.

This is one of the many gaps that we hope to address here at Care Senior Placement. Apart from our goal to place seniors in appropriate residential care homes, we also aim to raise awareness of how different care services can aid people in our community.

As experts in senior living, allow us to debunk common myths about hospice care and reveal the truth behind them:

  • Hospice Care Is for People Who Have Given up
    Rather than the notion of giving up, hospice care is intended to make sure patients who are at the end of their lives enjoy their remaining time to the fullest. Its main objectives are to improve the patient’s quality of life and offer assistance to their families.
  • There’s No Turning Back Once You Enter Hospice Care
    Patients have the option to discontinue hospice care and decide to seek curative therapy once more if their condition becomes better. However, the choice to reapply for hospice is always available.
  • Hospice Is Only for Cancer Patients
    Regardless of diagnosis, hospice care is accessible to all terminally ill patients and their families. Congestive heart failure, Dementia, and chronic lung disease are among the most prevalent non-cancer diagnoses.

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