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Protecting Your Loved One Against Poor Cognitive Health


A person’s mental and physical abilities will inevitably decline as they age, even if they remain in good health. Some may even require ADL assistance because they’re getting weaker to do routine tasks or forgetting things more frequently.

When you have an aging loved one with a memory issue, keeping their cognitive health is essential, significantly when their body and mind decline through aging, with or without the help of senior living.

Even though elderly personal care may be able to help them do this, there are some things your loved ones can do to boost their intellectual capacity.

Here are some activities they may do to keep or maintain their cognitive abilities:

  • Play mind-enhancing games, read books, or watch movies to keep their brains running.
  • Maintain a consistent routine of physical activity and exercise.
  • Consume a well-balanced diet full of nutritious foods.
  • Practice relaxation methods to effectively manage stress.

The methods, as mentioned earlier, can be done independently at any time. However, if things get too much for you to handle on your own, you may always rely on the assistance of our assisted living in Los Angeles, California.

Care Senior Placement‘s health professionals can help you take care of a loved one’s health issue, whether related to cognitive or memory issues, so that you can focus on yourself while giving the best care for them.

We also provide other care options for your loved ones, such as home care, memory care, hospice care, and senior placement in Los Angeles, California. Contact us at 818-272-3380 or 818-568-8385 for more information regarding our services.

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