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How to Manage High Blood Pressure

If we are not careful with our health and follow unhealthy lifestyle practices, we may develop high blood pressure, otherwise known as hypertension. The harm done to our body resulting from HBD or hypertension happens after some time. If we are not able to detect and manage it, it can lead to health conditions such as stroke, heart attack, kidney disease or failure, vision loss, etc. Read on to know some of the ways of managing high blood pressure as recommended by our healthcare professionals such as those offering senior placement in Los Angeles, California.

  • Measure blood pressure regularly

    A vital step when it comes to maintaining healthy blood pressure is measuring it. Since high blood pressure, as well as elevated blood pressure, usually don’t show any symptoms, checking our blood pressure is the only means to know exactly whether it’s too high already as what’s done for the residents in residential care homes.

  • Take medications

    If we are taking medication to treat hypertension or other kinds of health issues, we should follow our physician’s or healthcare professional’s directions carefully. If we don’t understand something, let’s not hesitate to ask questions and we must not stop taking our medication without consulting our doctor or pharmacist. There can be severe health consequences if we stop taking our medication without talking first with our healthcare team.

  • Manage diabetes

    The majority of people living with diabetes (about 6 out of 10) have hypertension as well. If our healthcare provider thinks we are showing symptoms of diabetes, he/she may suggest that we get tested. If we have diabetes, we should monitor our blood glucose levels carefully as well as discuss with our health care provider regarding treatment options. Our physician or healthcare professional such as those providing elderly personal care may advise particular lifestyle changes to aid us in keeping our blood glucose levels within the healthy range.

  • Make positive lifestyle changes

    If we have hypertension, we can aid in lowering it by doing regular exercise, having a healthy and balanced diet, as well as making other positive lifestyle changes as suggested by healthcare experts like those in senior living facilities.

At Care Senior Placement, you will get excellent healthcare services from our pool of highly proficient healthcare professionals to help you manage your hypertension and your overall health. Feel free to contact us about our assisted living in Los Angeles, California.

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